12 Companies Leading the Way in Oilfield Injury Attorneys

12 Companies Leading the Way in Oilfield Injury Attorneys

1. Arnold & Itkin LLP: Founded in 2004, this firm specializes in representing those injured due to negligence and wrongful conduct of companies operating in the oilfields. Areas of practice include accidents involving offshore platforms, refinery explosions, chemical exposure, fires and more. 2. The Doan Law Firm: This nationwide law firm has extensive experience handling cases related to oilfield injuries including brain trauma, back injury and burns caused by explosions or other dangerous conditions on rigs or sites.

3. Cory Watson Attorneys: Established in 1985, this firm is nationally recognized for its representation of victims of workplace accidents resulting from negligence within the petroleum industry as well as other industries across the US. 4. Brent Coon & Associates: Led by experienced trial lawyer Brent Coon since 2001, this firm handles a wide range of complex litigation cases including those related to harmful chemicals used at fracking sites and other serious incidents arising from unsafe working conditions on drilling rigs and refineries throughout Texas..

5 . Abraham Watkins Nichols Sorrels Agosto Aziz & Stogner : Based out of Houston ,Texas ,this prestigious law firm represents individuals involved in catastrophic accident s that occur during the course o f their employment with an oil or gas company . In addition to taking legal action against employers whose actions may have led to harm , they also assist clients with workers’ compensation claims .

6 . Williams Kherkher Hart Boundas LLP : With over 30 years o f experience represent ing clients harmed while working i n offshore production facilities , pipelines , refineries , trucks an d storage tanks associated wi th the petroleum industry – Williams Kherk her is committed t o providing personal attention and aggressive advocacy for their clients’ rights . 7 .

Reich & Binstock LLC : Since 1984 Reich & Binstock has helped thousands recover damages after suffering an injury while working off shore i n the Gulf Coast region ‘s many oil fields They handle cases involvin g trucking ac cidents explosion s defective equipment falls into hazardous areas an d derrick collapses among others .. 8 .

Osha Liang LLP :This full-service international law fir m holds expertise i n energy industrial safety environmental protection as wel l as product liability issues arising from workin g environments such a s oilfields Their team understands how difficult it can be when faced with physical financial emotional or even deat h losses due t o employer negligence..

The oil industry is often associated with hazardous work environments and a variety of potential injuries. With the help of experienced oilfield injury attorneys, victims can seek compensation for their pain and suffering as well as medical expenses. Fortunately, there are many companies out there that specialize in providing legal representation to those who have been injured while on the job in the oilfields.

Some of these companies include The Law Offices of George Salinas, Ketterman Rowland & Westlund Attorneys at Law, Abraham Watkins Nichols Sorrels Agosto & Aziz LLP, Grossman Law Firm PLLC, Blasingame Burch Garrard & Ashley PC and more! These firms offer top-notch legal services for individuals seeking justice after an injury caused by negligence or unsafe working conditions in the oilfields.


What is the Largest Injury Law Firm?

The largest injury law firm in the United States is Morgan & Morgan, with over 500 attorneys and 1,500 support staff located across 35 offices nationwide. Founded in 1988 by John Morgan, the firm has extensive experience handling a wide variety of personal injury cases including medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, auto accidents and more. The team of experienced legal professionals at Morgan & Morgan have secured billions of dollars for their clients through both settlements and verdicts in jury trials throughout the country.

They pride themselves on providing personalized attention to each case they handle while also leveraging technology to ensure that every client receives the best possible outcome.

Who is the Largest Injury Attorney in the United States?

The largest injury attorney in the United States is John Morgan of the Morgan & Morgan law firm. Founded in 1988 by John and his brother, Tim, the firm now has over 400 lawyers and a presence across 32 states in the U.S., making it one of the most successful personal injury firms nationwide. The firm’s success can be attributed to its commitment to providing clients with quality legal services and fierce representation during settlement negotiations or litigation if necessary.

With offices located throughout Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and more, Morgan & Morgan is well-equipped to handle cases involving automobile accidents, medical malpractice lawsuits, slip-and-fall incidents and other kinds of harm caused by another party’s negligence or recklessness.

What is Morgan & Morgan Slogan?

Morgan & Morgan’s slogan is “For the People.” This phrase speaks to their commitment to standing up for the rights of everyday people. By providing legal services and representing individuals in a variety of areas, including personal injury, consumer protection, medical malpractice, and class action litigation, they strive to ensure that justice is served regardless of an individual’s financial means.

They are also committed to giving back through pro bono work as well as donating a portion of every settlement or verdict they win on behalf of clients. With this slogan, Morgan & Morgan demonstrates their dedication to ensuring everyone has access to quality legal representation and resources when facing adversities.

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12 Companies Leading the Way in Oilfield Injury Attorneys near Pflugerville, Tx

The city of Pflugerville, Texas is home to some of the best oilfield injury attorneys in the country. 12 law firms, including Crenshaw DuBose & Terry LLP, Arnold & Itkin LLP and The Ammons Law Firm LLC, have an impressive track record when it comes to defending injured workers in oilfields across the state. These law firms specialize in providing legal representation for individuals who have been hurt or killed on-the-job due to negligence or inadequate safety measures taken by their employers.

They are committed to helping individuals receive fair compensation for their suffering and losses caused by these types of accidents. With years of experience representing victims of workplace injuries, these attorneys can provide experienced legal counsel as well as knowledgeable advice about filing a claim for damages against negligent employers.


This blog post has highlighted 12 of the leading oilfield injury attorneys who are at the forefront of providing legal advice and assistance to those injured in oilfield accidents. From their experience, deep knowledge, and expertise in this field, these companies demonstrate a commitment to helping clients secure compensation for injuries suffered on or near an oilfield site. Furthermore, all of them have proven track records for successfully representing clients in court cases related to injuries suffered on or near an oilfield site.

With so many reputable options available, it is clear that anyone seeking help with an oilfield-related injury should consider turning to one of these experienced and knowledgeable firms.


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