Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops 2022

Online colleges that offer free laptops for the 2022 academic year include Southern New Hampshire University, Liberty University, and WGU. These universities provide free laptop computers to students as part of their tuition package. The laptops come pre-loaded with necessary software, such as Microsoft Office Suite and anti-virus protection.

Students may also be eligible for discounts on additional software programs or other computer accessories. Each university has its own guidelines regarding the type and model of laptop they will provide to students in 2022 so it is important to check with each institution prior to enrolling in order to determine their specific requirements.

Online colleges that offer free laptops in 2022 are becoming increasingly popular as the cost of higher education rises each year. The availability of laptop computers for students enrolled in online courses is a great way to help them stay connected and on top of their coursework from anywhere with an internet connection. With more and more schools offering this perk, it’s important to see which ones have the best deals so you can get the most bang for your buck when investing in a laptop for college.

Keep reading to learn about some of the top online colleges that provide free laptops in 2022!

Do Online Colleges Give You a Laptop?

Online colleges are becoming increasingly popular and many of them offer a laptop as part of the tuition package. Depending on the college, this could be either free or discounted. Some online colleges also provide students with an allowance to purchase their own laptop and software, while others may even give out ‘free’ laptops as part of their student recruitment process.

Generally speaking, these laptops are basic models that will allow the student to complete their coursework but won’t have all the bells and whistles that more expensive models possess. However, they should still be sufficient for completing school assignments and projects successfully.

How Can I Get a Laptop for College With No Money?

If you’re a college student and have no money to buy a laptop, there are some options available. First, explore your college’s loan or grant programs to see if they can provide financial assistance for purchasing necessary equipment like laptops. Also, look into scholarships from private organizations that could help cover the cost of a laptop.

If neither of these avenues is an option for you, consider renting or borrowing one from friends or family members who may not need it as much as you do right now. Another way to get access to a laptop is through public libraries which often offer free computer usage (sometimes including laptops) onsite or even check out laptops with library cards. Finally, there are plenty of websites and organizations that accept donations specifically targeted towards helping students purchase computers so they can attend school – check those out too!

What Online Schools Give You a Macbook?

Many online schools offer students the ability to receive a MacBook as part of their learning program. For example, at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), which offers both on-campus and online degree programs, all undergraduate students have the option to purchase a discounted Mac laptop or desktop computer from Apple. Similarly, at Arizona State University Online, all incoming freshman are eligible for discounts on select Apple products including laptops and desktops.

In addition to these two universities, many other accredited online schools provide similar discounts for those who take classes through their virtual classrooms.

How Can I Get a Free Laptop Online?

The easiest way to get a free laptop online is to take advantage of giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests. There are many websites that list these opportunities for free laptops and other prizes, including Slickdeals,, Giveaway Radar and Contest Bee. Typically when entering these contests you will have to provide your contact information such as name and email address in order to be eligible for the giveaway.

Additionally, some sites may require you to share the contest with friends or post about it on social media pages in order for your entry to count. It’s important to remember that not all giveaways are legitimate so always make sure that you research any website before providing your personal information or participating in an offer.

Free Laptops For Low Income Families 2022

Free Laptops for College Students 2022

Free laptops for college students may become a reality in 2022. Many universities and colleges across the country are beginning to offer free laptop programs to their incoming freshman classes, allowing them to save money while providing access to the technology they need. These programs will help level the playing field between those who can afford expensive computers and those who cannot, making higher education more accessible and affordable.

Accredited Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops

Online colleges that offer free laptops to their students tend to be regionally accredited institutions. Many of these schools provide this perk as an incentive for enrolling in their program, and the laptop is usually shipped directly to the student’s home when they register for classes. This can be a great way for distance learners to save money on purchasing a new computer, while still getting access to quality educational materials.

Best Online Colleges That Offer Laptops

Online colleges have become increasingly popular as they offer more flexibility and convenience than traditional universities. As technology continues to evolve, many online colleges are offering laptops to their students as part of their tuition package. These laptops come loaded with the necessary software for success in the virtual classroom, making them an invaluable asset for distance learning students.

The best online colleges that offer laptops typically provide high-end models from reputable brands like Apple, Dell, or HP. With these devices in hand, students can stay connected and engaged with their course materials no matter where they are located.

Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops 2023

Online colleges are increasingly offering students the chance to receive free laptops in 2023. Many of these schools provide netbooks, Chromebooks and other types of computers for their students to use as part of their education. These laptops come with all the necessary software programs pre-installed so that students can easily access them for coursework.

Additionally, many online colleges also offer technical support to ensure that any problems encountered by students are addressed quickly and effectively. Whether you’re looking for a laptop for college or just want to stay up-to-date on the latest technology developments, free laptops from an online college could be a great way to get started!


In conclusion, online colleges that offer free laptops in 2022 is an excellent way for students to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to their education. With a laptop, students can access course materials on the go and make sure they stay up-to-date with assignments and tests. Furthermore, many of these schools are accredited and offer quality educational programs at a fraction of the cost of traditional universities.

So if you’re looking for an affordable way to pursue higher education, consider taking advantage of one of these free laptop offers!

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